4 Ways Legal Eagle Has Updated Our Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services South CarolinaFor a couple of decades, Legal Eagle's offered services were limited to copy and duplication. Recently, we've branched out!

We are now able to provide more expanded offerings that allow our clients to rely on us for just about all of their litigation support services.

What's changed at Legal Eagle? Read on to find out.

1. eDiscovery for Modern Litigation

In a world in which just about everyone is connected, eDiscovery can make or break a case. With our eDiscovery services and partnership with Cloud Nine eDiscovery, we're able to locate information in digital devices that might otherwise be lost.

Emails, text messages, images, or other files stores within a computer's hard drive or cell phone storage might be the break you need to take your case from weak to airtight. We pride ourselves on having qualified computer forensic examiners prepared to help you out when you need it.

2. Trial Presentation

Exhibit and video preparation can take valuable time away from an attorney building an important case. Legal Eagle is happy to help with exhibit and video preparation! We'll help you set up and take down your exhibit or video presentations, with experienced technicians who can cut down on setup time.

Other trial presentation services we provide are in-court technicians and "war room" set up. You'll be able to focus on the ins and outs of your case without getting bogged down in technical setup.

3. Court Reporting and Video Deposition

Two essential services that we pride ourselves on? Court reporting and video deposition. We are happy to help law firms locate quality court reporting services in South Carolina. Written, shorthand, machine shorthand, and voice writing transcripts are available, whether you need help in the courtroom or in situations like state, local, and other community meetings. We're the perfect option for law firms who want just one number to call for help.

Video deposition is a crucial tool, capturing a deponent's facial expressions and honest reactions. We specialize in using high-quality cameras to capture details that might otherwise be lost and our post-production services will aid you in cutting out those long lead-ups and silences, as well as letting you access the deposition in your preferred format.

4. Appellate Briefs

After the trial phase is over, you may find yourself needing to file an appellate brief. Legal Eagle is able to craft those appellate briefs for law firms who would like to be able to focus on the matters at hand and the more essential needs of building their appeal.

5. Copy and Duplication

One thing we haven't changed? We still provide high-quality copy and duplication services to attorneys and law firms! The office copier may simply not cut it when you're dealing with important legal documents that need to be concise and as easy to read on the seventieth copy as they were on the second. Part of our legal document archiving services, we can securely store your files for you in our data documents repository, or have copies and duplicates available to you as needed.

When You Need Litigation Support, Give Legal Eagle a Call

For more than 20 years, we've provided highly-skilled, quality support to local law firms in Upstate South Carolina. We've recently expanded our services to remake ourselves as a "one-stop shop" for litigation support services throughout the state. Whether you're looking for court reporting services, eDiscovery, video deposition, or more, we're here to help out of our offices in Greenville and Spartanburg. Reach us by phone at (864) 467-1373 or contact us online at any time to request more information!

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