Legal Eagle & Hamilton Court Reporting

Legal Eagle, South Carolina’s most recognized litigation support service firm, is excited to announce the acquisition of Hamilton Court Reporting, LLC, of North Carolina, a leading provider of deposition and court reporting services. “We are thrilled to join forces with a highly esteemed court reporting firm in North Carolina and provide services[...]
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Reasons to Consider Remote Depositions & Videoconferencing

Due to the concerns arising from COVID-19, your company may opt for digital solutions to effectively facilitate remote depositions and videoconferencing. As courts continue to delay proceedings, it allots some with more time for preparation. Regardless of prevalent contagions, here are top reasons to consider leveraging advanced technology and[...]
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The Power of Video: Creating Video Depositions to Win Cases

BENEFITS OF VIDEO DEPOSITIONS Are you going to trial? Is there a strong witness -- one whose testimony could make or break your case?Carefully, you prepare questions that will elicit the best testimony, and then you take his or her deposition. During the trial, key parts of that deposition are read into court record. But for some reason, the[...]
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