Make Room for the New Year With Legal Document Archiving!

2017 is just 10 days away. A new year is a great time for a fresh start, and that's true at work as well as at home. Do you have retired case files piling up in boxes? The buildup of clutter can make it hard to concentrate at work or lead to ineffective organization and an inefficient office. Legal Eagle is here to help. You can effectively[...]
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The Power of Video: Creating Video Depositions to Win Cases

BENEFITS OF VIDEO DEPOSITIONS Are you going to trial? Is there a strong witness -- one whose testimony could make or break your case?Carefully, you prepare questions that will elicit the best testimony, and then you take his or her deposition. During the trial, key parts of that deposition are read into court record. But for some reason, the[...]
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Legal Eagle Partner CloudNine Ranked by Inaugural Corporate Counsel Survey

Legal Eagle partner CloudNine was recently recognized in the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel survey, where it was ranked second in “Best Online Review Platform”!
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3 Things to Know When Hiring a Court Reporter

Using a court reporting agency to meet your deposition needs is important. Make sure to ask yourself a few essential questions before choosing the agency for you: Is the reporting staff capable, intelligent and responsible? Are they considered professionals in their field? Is the agency reputable, and will they stand behind their work? To ensure[...]
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