Guest Post from CloudNine: No Cost EDA Reporting Service Provides Essential Information to Attorneys

This post originally appeared on the CloudNine blog and is posted here with permission. CloudNine, the eDiscovery Company which provides eDiscovery automation software and professional services for litigation, investigations, and audits, today announced the availability of its free Early Data Assessment (EDA) reporting service. This no cost[...]
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Legal Eagle Clients in the News: Gallivan White Boyd

One of our clients has recently made the news, and we thought we’d take a moment to share! The law firm of Gallivan White Boyd has been chosen for inclusion in the 2017 edition of Leading Lawyers for Business from Chambers USA. They’ll be featured as a Leading Law Firm in Commercial Litigation.
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The Best Advice My Mother Ever Gave Me

It's funny the things you remember when thinking about Mother's Day.
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5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Trial Technician

Trial technicians – those responsible for managing and presenting evidence to Judge and Jury -- are also called “hot seat” operators. Any delay in presenting the requested exhibit can seem like an eternity. One miscue on their part, such as bringing up the wrong exhibit, can immediately result in a mistrial: Hence the term, “hot seat.” Although[...]
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Guest Blog: CloudNine Looks at eDiscovery in Case Law

This week, we'll be posting a guest post from Doug Austin over at CloudNine's eDiscovery Daily Blog. CloudNine is one of our main partners in providing excellent eDiscovery and computer forensics services to clients here in South Carolina. In this post, CloudNine takes a look at eDiscovery in case law. In Singh et. al. v. Hancock Natural Resources[...]
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4 Tips to Help You Find Stress Relief During Tax Season

In the eyes of many Americans, next month’s dreaded tax due date means swimming through reams of paperwork and reducing a year's worth of living to a series of itemized numbers. If you're feeling frazzled and looking for stress relief during tax season, you're definitely not alone. Once it's all said and done, taxpayers are spent — physically,[...]
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Interested in Learning More About eDiscovery and Litigation Support Services?

Legal Eagle offers FREE Lunch & Learn presentations on a variety of litigation support topics!
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4 Ways Legal Eagle Has Updated Our Litigation Support Services

For a couple of decades, Legal Eagle's offered services were limited to copy and duplication. Recently, we've branched out! We are now able to provide more expanded offerings that allow our clients to rely on us for just about all of their litigation support services. What's changed at Legal Eagle? Read on to find out.
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Guest Post: An Independent Review of CloudNine

With our commitment to partnering with CloudNine for quality eDiscovery services with a quick turnaround to help with our ongoing litigation support efforts throughout South Carolina, we often keep up with their blog in order to hear about the latest trends in eDiscovery. Today, we're sharing a recent post including independent reviews of the[...]
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Legal Eagle's Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Law Firms

We're already more than a week into the New Year, but that's no reason to avoid setting some goals for 2017! Ignore the naysayers that say New Year's resolutions are a silly tradition. There's no better time than now to make changes that will make 2017 your firm's best year ever. Here are our five best professional New Year's resolutions for 2017:
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