Legal Eagle Partner CloudNine Ranked by Inaugural Corporate Counsel Survey

CloudNine Corporate Counsel

Legal Eagle partner CloudNine was recently recognized in the inaugural Best of Corporate Counsel survey, where it was ranked second in “Best Online Review Platform”!

This survey, which was conducted by Best of Corporate Counsel and asked readers to rank top providers to the in-house corporate legal marketplace, had its results recently published in the July edition of Corporate Counsel Magazine. Voting for this inaugural survey was conducted via online ballot and limited to those working within in-house corporate legal and compliance departments.

The ballot consisted of 55 categories, and more than 1,500 votes were cast in this inaugural run. One of Legal Eagle’s leading partners, CloudNine, was featured in the survey and was ranked second as the leading online review platform by survey participants.

"As an eDiscovery technology company focused on simplifying eDiscovery through automation, we are excited that our offerings are positively impacting the way legal professionals conduct discovery, investigations, and audits," shared Brad Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer of CloudNine. "We are incredibly grateful for the vote of confidence in CloudNine from eDiscovery professionals as highlighted in our ranking as a leading online review platform in the inaugural Corporate Counsel ‘Best Of’ Reader Ranking Survey. We understand the importance of such a rating and are committed to continuing our singular focus of simplifying eDiscovery."

CloudNine helps legal and compliance professionals address some of the top eDiscovery management challenges. These challenges include:

  • Increasing Volumes of Data
  • Inadequate Technology
  • Lack of Personnel
  • Budgetary Constraints
  • Data Security

CloudNine helps eDiscovery practitioners address these challenges immediately by allowing them to upload, review and produce with SaaS-enabled Simplified eDiscovery Automation that has the following attributes:

  • Speed: Up and running in five minutes.
  • Simplicity: Intuitive enough for non-technical staff.
  • Security: Protected cloud with certainly of exact data location.
  • Services: Supported by a complete portfolio of professional services.

“Legal Eagle continues to look for new and improved ways to analyze and present data,” said Adam Shirley, Legal Eagle President. “Our goal is to make it easy for legal teams to search, analyze and act on data. We need them to be able to get to the facts…faster.”

With a 30-day free trial offer of CloudNine’s software, and no-risk offer with no credit card requirement, users can register online and immediately begin to upload, review and produce electronic documents directly from their workstation. This offer helps users explore how eDiscovery automation can complement their current eDiscovery tool sets and workflows as well as serve as a complete platform for all eDiscovery tasks.

Legal Eagle is excited to be able to provide you with offerings such as CloudNine. Should you be interested in trying CloudNine or any of our legal technology offerings, please contact us online or reach us by phone at (864) 467-1373.

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