Increase the Value of Paper in Discovery

ESI and Paper

Paper still exists in litigation. Most cases involve “native” or electronic files (think eDiscovery) that extract important metadata when processed. The "automatic" coding of electronic information from metadata is an added value when working with a document database. However, not all cases involve ESI and eDiscovery, and many businesses manage their operations with paper and electronic files. 

There are cases with boxes of legacy documents, all of which require review and production. As the volume of documents continues to grow, Legal Eagle will assist in scanning paper records and capturing pivotal information, that when added to a database, will help the legal team review and cull documents as they were maintained and organized. Legal Eagle employs proper thought and planning early in a project, so more valuable information is identified and captured. Think of it as building metadata from paper records. Thus, providing a more meaningful result for the legal team and clients.


Recently, a colleague approached Legal Eagle to assist with a scanning project. The project involved paper records, requiring scanning, creating searchable images, and providing a load file for a database. The paper records were organized into folders and more comprehensive document groups. Knowing the end-result would become a Relativity database, Legal Eagle explored ways to capture the scanned paper and other key info such as folder and box level data during the scanning phase. This produced deliverable images complete with folder and box level field information.

The database was organized immediately upon the ingestion of the Relativity load file. Counsel could now conduct searches for relevant keywords and locate documents on folder and box levels to discover additional documents for review. Legal Eagle brings this “full picture” understanding to every project.


"Understanding the litigation workflow is important for our clients," said Tim Thames, eDiscovery Director with Legal Eagle. He explained, "every case is unique – appreciating how legal teams approach a case is imperative, and if we can capture existing information to contribute to an enhanced and more efficient review, we will take the extra steps each time."

Capturing Data

Christine Skalamara of Robinson Gray has years of experience in litigation. She described, “the capturing of data on the front end of the project made a difference in finding documents once loaded in the database. Tim’s understanding of the goals in litigation and providing the insight to build a workflow to increase efficiency is appreciated for the firm and the client.” She added, “what’s also great is having a company to lean on for a perfect deliverable for ingesting into a database – the ease of loading data without issues or delay is certainly a plus when working with experienced legal service providers,” such as Legal Eagle.

Another project used coding sheets to “prepare” documents in paper format by organizing documents with document breaks and capturing objective coding by tracking and developing the database from the scanning stage. Tim Thames added, “many years ago, law firms built databases from paper documents or scanned images – with the influx of electronic information we’ve seen a decline in paper projects, but in medical malpractice, construction and other litigation cases involving documents in paper form – we can build a workflow that captures the invaluable information for the legal team. The ability to go to a database and locate the specific folder name then drill down to locate the documents in question is really awesome to see in action.”

If you have a project that includes paper documents, reach out to Legal Eagle to identify and ponder different ways of approaching the mission to get a better result to build on efficiency in your case.

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