Five Ways Small Law Firms Can Compete With Large Firms

The Future looks good for smaller law firms.

Traditionally, large firms had the advantage with larger budgets and staff to take on more prominent cases and more of them. Today, however, smaller firms are becoming a substantial threat and are leveling the playing field.   

Smaller firms are doing this by remaining flexible, being more responsive to clients, and automating activities that clients aren’t willing to pay for.  New legal technology, designed with artificial intelligence, is also making it possible for small firms to level the playing field. AI technology allows small firms to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks and to quickly collect and analyze large amounts of data that has typically been too cumbersome to gather manually with a small staff. 

So if you’re a small firm and you’re looking to gain an edge on your competition here are our top 5 suggestions on leveling the playing field:

  • Organize for productivity.  The Future lies with the lean, mean machine. That’s the one with full control of the process, expenditures, and business practices. Don’t be afraid, though, to invest in technology that works for you.
  • Focus on business. Know what business you’re in, and carefully consider any changes in the services you offer. Know what skills you have, and the ones you need to sharpen. In these times of changing regulations and technology, continuing professional education is a necessity, not a luxury. 
  • Challenge yourself. Today’s business world is more dynamic than ever. More innovation, more competition, and globalization that touches even the smallest firm. All demand more of the lawyer. To be successful, you must continuously search for new ways to meet these new challenges, and demand more of yourself. Frequently ask the question, “This is the way I did it yesterday. Is there a better way, or a good reason, to do it differently today?” Ask this to keep from getting stale, and keep your clients from going to another firm that isn’t.
  • Learn. Continuing legal education is necessary to sharpen skills and keep up with new rules and regulations. But the world of the lawyer is no longer limited to the legal profession. Today you must understand more about business, government, globalization, technology, and relationships than in the past. You must become acutely aware of the larger world in which you function, continually learning about context, as well as honing your skills. 
  • Leverage Relationships. With a small firm, you cannot expect to be all things to all people.  Develop valuable relationships with outside partners who can provide invaluable insight and services to supplement your team.  By working with a dedicated legal service provider, you can extend the value and services you provide for your clients. 

Find A Partner That Fits

Standing out in the competitive legal landscape today is a challenge for all firms, but smaller law firms must be well positioned to make an impact. While more prominent firms might have more established tools and strategies to keep them on the cutting edge, your firm can look just as professional in court by finding the right partners. You can level the playing field by partnering with a trusted legal service provider to ensure you’re at the top of your game. 

Whether it’s trial presentations, computer forensics, or assistance with eDiscovery, Legal Eagle can help determine the most accurate and efficient way to collect, analyze, and present data or evidence. 

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Legal Eagle makes it easier to be competitive with firms that have more resources by leveraging our expertise along with our partnerships with some of the best technology platforms in the legal industry such as CloudNine, Cicayda, Pinpoint Labs, Cellebrite,  CaseText, and Relativity. 

It’s our goal to build long-term partner relationships and trust with the law firms we serve. We sit down in person and provide a consultative approach you’re not going to get elsewhere. The end result is that you get a customized plan designed for you and your current cases so you can focus on other areas of trial preparation. 

“Legal Eagle continues to look for new and improved ways to analyze and present data. Our goal is to make it easy for legal teams to search, analyze, and act on data. We need them to be able to get to the facts…faster.” - Adam Shirley, Legal Eagle President

As a locally owned business, we’ve been helping law firms in the Southeast remain just as competitive as the “big guys.” At Legal Eagle, it’s our goal to remove your stress and help provide you with the strategies that enable you to continue serving your clients with the personalized, high-quality, precise approach that solidifies you as a leader in your practice area. Contact us today to learn more about how to stay competitive while using all the top resources in trial presentation and preparation. 

Experience for yourself how Legal Eagle levels the playing field both inside and outside the courtroom. If you are interested in trying any of our technology platforms, contact us for a free 30-day trial. Contact us online or reach us by phone at (864) 467-1373.


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